Wellness at Fron Farm Yurt Retreat

Glamping Yurt - Gwdihŵ Yurt

Retreating to the peace and quiet of Fron Farm and the stunning countryside in this part of Wales is nourishment for the body and soul.

If you want to spoil yourself even further, why not book yourself a treatment with one of our local therapists who will soothe your aching muscles and help you feel relaxed,  refreshed and renewed

Glamping Yurt - Gwdihŵ Yurt
Glamping Yurt - Gwdihŵ Yurt

Our therapists specialise in deep tissue, Ayurvedic and Malaysian techniques, they can help relieve short and long term muscle tensions and enhance the body’s natural healing process through increasing oxygen, circulation and lowering blood pressure.

Massage bestows a calming effect on the client and balances mind and body, relieving pain, increasing nourishment of the bodies organs and encouraging the body to repair itself.

All massages are tailored to suit individual needs and pressure preferences.

Glamping Yurt - Gwdihŵ Yurt

What are the benefits of massage?

Reducing overall stress and anxiety

Increased energy levels

Increase in mental clarity

Aleviating muscular tension and stiffness

Increasing mobility and flexibility

Encouraging circulation

Improving the skin

Boosting the immune system

Balancing the digestive system

Promoting general relaxation

Improving sleep patterns


Book a massage with us from just £50 for 1 hour

To book a treatment during your stay email: fronfarmyurtretreat@gmail.com