Church Finds a New Life

Fron Farm’s Medieval Building gets a new life after 60 years.

Eglwys Fair a Churig yn fyw eto.

When we bought Fron Eglwys Fair, over 20 years ago, it had a derelict and disused medieval building at the top of the farm lane. The beautiful  Eglwys Fair y Churig , became derelict and disused in 1957 when a tree blew onto the building destroying the roof and belfry. The owners of Fron Farm at that time, bought the building to save it from being demolished. The medieval building itself dates from the 15th century – possibly earlier – and is thought to have a connection with the former Cistercian Abbey at nearby Whitland. Over the last half century the building became increasingly run down with the walls and arch windows becoming unsafe. grass and ivy taking over and was in great need of repair.

It was decided a couple of years ago,  that we make a determined effort to save and restore this beautiful historic building. To this end work was started  to re-build the walls and windows using traditional materials. A new bell installed, and a roof replaced. Beautiful oak beams using local timber formed the basis of the new roof.

In September 2017, the bell rang across the valley for the first time in 60 years and the medieval building was host to over 70 guests at the first wedding celebration based at Fron Farm Yurt Retreat. The clock of history was indeed turned back. Here at Fron Eglwys Fair, we are proud to have given our historic building a new lease of life that will hopefully see it survive for another 400 years. Visitors  are welcome to explore it and discover  and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this place that is set above its own valley.


Wedding Venue Wales

Wedding Venue Wales